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Update on Brandsonic Web Alpha 5

Brandsonic Web Alpha 5 has be delayed. I cannot get the progress indicator working. I am working with someone on the apple discussion forum to get them working. I don't have a release date but I will let you know on twitter when I release it.

Brandsonic Web mobile on 4.1 update

The version of Brandsonic Web mobile that is currently on cydia works on 4.1. I have fully tested it and it works fine. However im not so sure about updates. When I put a new build of B-web mobile into the applcations folder using diskaid and the app does not run. So I am still unable to update Brandsonic Web Mobile at this time.

Brandsonic Web Mobile on iOS 4.1

I am currently unable to update Brandsonic Web mobile for iOS 4.1. Apple has fixed the fake code sign method I used. Brandsonic Web mobile may work on iOS 4.1 but there is no way to test it until jailbreak comes out. But until a new fake code sigh method comes out for xcode 3.2.4 I will be unable to update this app for 4.1. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Brandsonic Web for Mac Alpha 5 coming soon

Its been awhile since I worked on Brandsonic Web for Mac. I've be focusing all my time on Brandsonic Web mobile. Brandsonic Web for Mac Alpha 5 is bringing Brandsonic Web for Mac on par with the mobile version. It is adding an Activity indicator and Quick Sites. This release was completely rewritten do the the fact that I made a mistake that destroyed the original source code. Im planing on releasing alpha 5 late September to mid October. Im trying to iron out some bugs to get it ready for release.

Brandsonic Web mobile 0.4 coming soon

Brandsonic Web mobile 0.4 will add an address bar! It is now a true web browser. It will be out around 2:00pm eastern time on 8/29/10. I will update this post when its out. Special thanks to H4CK3R on the Hacker Pro forums and iCodeBlog for making this possible! I am almost ready to bring it into beta stages. Only 1 feature to go! Tabs! Ill keep you posted!

Edit: Brandsonic Web mobile 0.4 is out now! Go get it!