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Brandsonic Web mobile for iOS has been downloaded 10,000 times!

I am proud to announce that that Brandsonic Web mobile for iOS has been downloaded a mind boggling 10,000 times. In just 3 years, 2 months and 9 days. This is Brandsonic Web's first major milestone. I am absolutely thrilled. Thanks so much everyone whose downloaded Brandsonic Web and who has supported it. I am extremely grateful to all of my users.

Brandsonic Web mobile for iOS and iOS 7

I will be unable to test Brandsonic Web mobile for iOS on an actual iOS 7 or later device because I only have an iPod Touch 4th generation. However, I will still be able to test it on the iOS Simulator, but this is never as good as testing on an actual device. I am planning a new interface for iOS 7, but I probably won't release the update until there is at least a tethered jailbreak for iOS 7. I will maintain compatibly with iOS 6.1 to iOS 4.3 for as long as I can.

The new Brandsonic Web for Windows is delayed indefinitely

You may have seen my tweet or Facebook page post about the new Brandsonic Web for Windows. Unfortunately, I am forced to delay it's release due to a problem. It won't run on other computers. This is a big problem, and I don't know what's causing it. I will try to fix this problem and get the new version released ASAP. I apologize and will get the new version out as soon as I can.

Finally fixed a long standing bug in Brandsonic Web for Mac

I am proud to announce that I have FINALLY fixed the current URL and title bug that has plagued every version of Brandsonic Web for Mac since it's release. Brandsonic Web for Mac Alpha 8 (0.8) will finally properly display the URL of current url and title of the web page. I am thrilled that I have finally tracked down the issue and was able to fix it. I plan to release this version sometime this week. I recommend that every user of Brandsonic Web for Mac update to this version when it's available. It is the biggest release of Brandsonic Web for Mac yet.

Brandsonic Web is NOT dead

It's been awhile since I have updated any of the versions of Brandsonic Web. Usually during the summer, I release alot of updates. I have mostly been using this summer to work on my programming skills instead of directly working on Brandsonic Web. The knowledge gained will help me make Brandsonic Web better. I will try to release an update for all versions by the end of August.

An update on Brandsonic Web for Windows and Webkit

I have made progress with implementing Webkit on the Windows version of Brandsonic Web. I have a functional build of Brandsonic Web for Windows that uses Webkit based on OpenWebKitSharp. However, there are still problems that prevent me from releasing it. Printing is non-functional and there is no way to implement a progress bar. I don't want to have to remove features that were in previous versions. Until a Webkit WebBrowser control is developed for Visual Basic.NET that has all the features of the stock WebBrowser control, Brandsonic Web for Windows won't use Webkit. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience.

Why Brandsonic Web for Windows cannot use WebKit

As you may know, Brandsonic Web for Mac and mobile for iOS and Android all use WebKit. The Windows version does not. It currently uses the default WebBrowser Control in Visual Basic. I have been unsuccessful in finding an alternative WebKit control that either works, or has all the features of the default WebBrowser Control. Until I find a control that works AND has all the features of the default WebBrowser Control, the default WebBrowser Control will continue to be used. If anyone knows of a working WebKit WebBrowser Control for Visual Basic.NET PLEASE let me know in a comment below or on Twitter. I have tried WebKit.NET,OpenWebKitSharp, GeckoFX and xlurunner. I didn't have luck with any of them. If your suggestion works, your name will be put in the special thanks of the credits on the Windows version. Thanks for your understanding and I apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.

Announcing Brandsonic Web for Windows RT!

I am proud to announce Brandsonic Web for Windows RT. It is a version of Brandsonic Web for Windows that will run on the Windows RT desktop on a jailbroken Windows RT device. It will be treated as a separate project, even though it is identical to Brandsonic Web for Windows. I will try to update both versions at the same time, but they will be developed independently. More info coming soon.