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Showing posts from November, 2012

Announcing Brandsonic Web mobile for Android!

I am proud to announce that Brandsonic Web mobile will soon be available for Android devices. It has been in the works for over a month. It has most of the features of Brandsonic Web mobile for iOS, including quick sites. It will work on both phones and tablets. I hope you will enjoy Brandsonic Web mobile for Android as much as I enjoyed making. It will be released really soon on my site as well as 3rd Party app stores such as SlideME. Below is a screenshot.

Brandsonic Web for Windows is NOT dead

Brandsonic Web for Windows is NOT dead. It has been well over a year (1 year, 5 months to be exact) since Brandsonic Web for Windows was updated and it is well overdue for an update. Brandsonic Web for Windows 0.3 will be released by the end of November. Regrettably, it will still use the default webbrowser control, not WebKit or xlurunner. However, it will feature the new, redesigned Quick Sites Ui from Brandsonic Web for Mac Alpha 7, a Google search bar, as well as various bug fixes. I sincerely apologize for neglecting the Windows version. Expect more frequent updates in the future.