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Showing posts from August, 2013

Finally fixed a long standing bug in Brandsonic Web for Mac

I am proud to announce that I have FINALLY fixed the current URL and title bug that has plagued every version of Brandsonic Web for Mac since it's release. Brandsonic Web for Mac Alpha 8 (0.8) will finally properly display the URL of current url and title of the web page. I am thrilled that I have finally tracked down the issue and was able to fix it. I plan to release this version sometime this week. I recommend that every user of Brandsonic Web for Mac update to this version when it's available. It is the biggest release of Brandsonic Web for Mac yet.

Brandsonic Web is NOT dead

It's been awhile since I have updated any of the versions of Brandsonic Web. Usually during the summer, I release alot of updates. I have mostly been using this summer to work on my programming skills instead of directly working on Brandsonic Web. The knowledge gained will help me make Brandsonic Web better. I will try to release an update for all versions by the end of August.