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Brandsonic Web mobile for iOS is NOT dead

It has been well over a year since I last updated Brandsonic Web mobile for iOS, the most successful version of Brandsonic Web. Now that iOS 7 is out and its been jailbroken for quite some time, it's overdue for an iOS 7 update. I'm working on the iOS 7 version and I hope to have it released by the end of the March. I ran into problems that prevented me from releasing it several months ago. It will maintain it's iOS 4.3 to iOS 7 compatibly. It won't be a 64-bit app, because I would have to sacrifice alot of the compatibly with older iOS versions to make it 64-bit. I don't think it would really change anything anyway. I have alot planned for iOS 7, but most of them will come in the next version after the first iOS 7 update. For now, use 0.9.4 as it works on iOS 7 to my knowledge. It still looks like an iOS 6 app, but it's better than nothing.