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Why Brandsonic Web for Windows cannot use WebKit

As you may know, Brandsonic Web for Mac and mobile for iOS and Android all use WebKit. The Windows version does not. It currently uses the default WebBrowser Control in Visual Basic. I have been unsuccessful in finding an alternative WebKit control that either works, or has all the features of the default WebBrowser Control. Until I find a control that works AND has all the features of the default WebBrowser Control, the default WebBrowser Control will continue to be used. If anyone knows of a working WebKit WebBrowser Control for Visual Basic.NET PLEASE let me know in a comment below or on Twitter. I have tried WebKit.NET,OpenWebKitSharp, GeckoFX and xlurunner. I didn't have luck with any of them. If your suggestion works, your name will be put in the special thanks of the credits on the Windows version. Thanks for your understanding and I apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.