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Fix for Brandsonic Web mobile for iOS 0.9.5

It has come to my attention that the latest version of Brandsonic Web mobile for iOS does not start. I have released a small script for Mac/Linux and Windows that will fix the permission error that prevents the app from running. Download from the links below. Be sure to read the Read me first files before you try to use the script.

Update 10/14/15: The bwebfix script was originally written for Brandsonic Web mobile 0.9.5, but it will work will all versions of Brandsonic Web mobile.




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Downloading Brandsonic Web safely

As I have stated before, you should always download Brandsonic Web from the Brandsonic Apps site, or There are a few reasons for this. Downloading from the Brandsonic Apps site or ensures that you always get the latest version of Brandsonic Web. More importantly, it ensures that you get a file that is not tampered with. I now provide the md5, SHA-1 and SHA-256 hashes for Brandsonic Web for Mac downloads. You will find them on the Brandsonic Web for Mac download page. You can use these hashes to verify your Brandsonic Web download to make sure the file was not tampered with or modified. This should always be done, especially if you must download Brandsonic Web from another source that's not the Brandsonic Apps site or

Brandsonic Web mobile for iOS 0.9.9

Brandsonic Web mobile for iOS 0.9.9 is now available on Cydia. It includes iOS 10 support, and is now a 64 bit app. There is a known issue in this release. When the app is first started, the address bar is small and doesn't take up all the space. To fix this, open and close Quick Sites. Then the address bar should expand to the proper size. You should only have to do this when you first open the app. The full changelog is below.

iOS 10 supportApp is now 64-bitDropped support for iOS 7.1 and earlier
Please see my last post for an explanation as to why I had to drop support for iOS 7.1 and earlier.