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Brandsonic Web mobile for iOS 0.9.9

Brandsonic Web mobile for iOS 0.9.9 is now available on Cydia. It includes iOS 10 support, and is now a 64 bit app. There is a known issue in this release. When the app is first started, the address bar is small and doesn't take up all the space. To fix this, open and close Quick Sites. Then the address bar should expand to the proper size. You should only have to do this when you first open the app. The full changelog is below.

  • iOS 10 support
  • App is now 64-bit
  • Dropped support for iOS 7.1 and earlier

Please see my last post for an explanation as to why I had to drop support for iOS 7.1 and earlier.


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Fix for Brandsonic Web mobile for iOS 0.9.5

It has come to my attention that the latest version of Brandsonic Web mobile for iOS does not start. I have released a small script for Mac/Linux and Windows that will fix the permission error that prevents the app from running. Download from the links below. Be sure to read the Read me first files before you try to use the script.

Update 10/14/15: The bwebfix script was originally written for Brandsonic Web mobile 0.9.5, but it will work will all versions of Brandsonic Web mobile.



The next version of Brandsonic Web mobile for iOS

The next version of Brandsonic Web mobile for iOS will be released soon. Unfortunately, it will require iOS 8.0 or later. Dropping support for iOS 6.0 thru iOS 7.1 was not my choice. Xcode 8 doesn't allow you to make a app for anything older than iOS 8.0.  There is some good news however. This allowed me to better tailor the UI for all iOS devices, and it should work and look better on the newer, larger devices, such as the iPhone 7. Also, Brandsonic Web mobile for iOS will be a 64 bit app for the first time. This is to ensure compatibly with future versions of iOS. This release will also include official iOS 10 support. I will test this release over the next few days and I hope to have it released by the end of next week. This release does have one visual bug with the address bar, but I don't want to delay the release any more, so I will be releasing it with this bug. It's nothing major, and doesn't take away from the usability of the app. There aren't any new fea…